See my Facebook page Kickthevirusnow where I share insights ranging from a Quick Treat Protocol for COVID-19 involving vitamin C&D and the probiotic beverage Kefir to restore a healthier Microbiome, to the psychological problems we’ve created by lack of empowering individuals to participate in their care (Learned Helplessness) to the blinding of Coronavirus Task Force to the therapeutic potential of the intestinal Microbiome to halt the pandemic (the Invisible Gorilla).

The chance for quick resolution of pandemic lies within our gut. In area in China famous for having great microbiomes (Jiangsu-2017 paper) they’ve had no deaths from COVID-19 or need for ventilators and only 3/80 reported cases became severely ill….and there are 80 million residents in Jiangsu. We have been missing the two key issues for a bad outcome with coronavirus infections: (1) the degree of intestinal dysbiosis and (2) low vitamin D levels. Both are easily correctable with inexpensive, readily available products. The key to avoiding the Second Wave is to begin restoring a healthier microbiome in all of us now, boosting our innate immunity and increasing the chances of building to herd immunity while lowering chances of severe illness and death.

Heal your Gut and Save the World.