Practice Limited to GI

Our practice is limited to treatment of digestive problems (gastroenterology). A referral from your primary physician is required to schedule an appointment. We no longer do routine hospital visits or admissions to the hospital. In the event you require hospitalization, your primary physician may choose one of the hospital-based GI (gastroenterology) consultants to see you.


In order to be respectful of our patient’s time, we work on an appointment-only basis. If you are unable to keep your scheduled appointment, please give our office ample notice in order to allow us to make the time available to another patient.

Your First Visit

A complete history and physical exam will be performed on your initial visit. Please obtain all pertinent previous medical records, including procedures, lab results, and biopsies, prior to your visit. This information, along with your current list of medications, is important and will help us avoid repeated performed tests. You will be instructed if you need to come to your appointment fasting.

Procedures and Tests

We currently perform procedures at Covenant, Grace Clinic and Northstar Surgery Center. The choice of facility is based on patient choice and the requirements of your insurance plan. Dr. Shaver currently have a 2% ownership in Northstar Surgery Center.

Test Preparation

A colonoscopy is is an examination of your lower bowel with a lighted scope that requires a thorough “cleanout” with laxatives prior to the procedure. We are continually modifying this procedure to make it as “patient-friendly” as possible.

Phone Calls

Feel free to call the office with any questions or concerns. Calls that are not emergencies will be returned by the staff between 4:00-5:00 daily except on Fridays. Please have your pharmacy fax us directly for your prescription refills.


If at any time you feel your problem is an emergency, please go to an emergency room or call 911. Be sure an notify your primary physician, as again, we no longer admit or perform daily rounds at the hospital. Messages can be left at the office or forwarded to the doctor through our answering service after 5 pm. Please limit after-hour calls to emergencies only.

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