It is time to empower each of us to play a greater part in our individual health. There is a universe within all of us called the Microbiome- 100 trillion organisms in a close symbiotic relationship with our bodies, helping to digest our food, absorb nutrients and vitamins, fine tune our immune systems, and ward off potential deadly pathogens. Keeping this bunch happy is what keeps us healthy.

This War Is Within Us. We need to restore, rebuild and support this critical balance. Wash your hands and practice social distancing for sure. In addition, however, eat clean, add some fermented foods to your diet, take a  daily probiotic  (we particularly like Kefir milk), and some vitamins (especially Vitamin C & D) while we all wait for a vaccine or new/older antiviral drugs to be released. 

But if you start to feel ill then consider quickly trying our “Quick Treat” regimen utilizing extra doses of vitamins C&D and Kefir milk. In our 15 year of experience recommending this protocol to our patients as early as possible on the onset of any acute viral infections, we have witnessed significant improvement (and most often complete resolution of symptoms) in as little as 6-8 hours. Costs around $10 to treat and very little to lose. Over the years the simple, readily available, and inexpensive protocol has worked well on the common cold, influenza, and the Swine Flu (another coronavirus), so good chance it will prove equally as effective against COVID19.  

Heal your Gut and Save the World.